Individual therapy
“This has been a great experience that really shed perspective on some critical areas of my mindset I could benefit from adjusting. Thank you, Brenda, for facilitating this journey.” - Y.A.K.
Brenda’s support came at a crucial moment during the pandemic when I felt my life was falling apart.
I had been ‘holding myself together’ over several years of traumatic experiences – both personal and family-related. At some point I simply felt overwhelmed, physically and emotionally, and was unable to keep up the happy façade on the outside.
Working with Brenda was a changing point: Her kind and calm way of holding space made it easy for me to open up and be really honest in our conversations. For the first time, I was able to explore disturbing episodes of my life with patience and curiosity and examine unhealthy patterns.
Without judgement, Brenda was offering a framework where I could safely explore the roots of unhealthy patterns and current my current situation, and create a clear structure on how to move forward.
Brenda’s guidance has been an integral part of my personal healing journey, and I will continue to turn to her for support when I need it.”
- E.K.
I am forever grateful that I met Brenda. She is as caring as she is assertive. With her help, I developed strategies that I will use for the rest of my life.” - C.P.S.

I have learned to deal with a lot of the uncomfortable and negative situations around me, and spent a lot of time self reflecting on who I am and what I want for my life. I am really grateful that I had the chance to do our sessions, and your help was the key to getting my life back on track. I really appreciate the fact that you listened and were so understanding, and made me comfortable throughout the sessions. I attribute a huge part of my healing due to the therapy sessions, and it’s something I am so grateful I had the chance to do. Thank you so much for everything and  for the work  that you do, you’re really changing lives for the better.” - D.M.

Group work
Coming into the support group, I didn't know what to expect. I only knew I did not want to carry my feelings alone anymore. What I found within this group was understanding, many listening ears and good advice. There was room for my own opinion but also the perspective from people who didn't know me. It helped me to heal my heartbreak in a pandemic, and that's something I didn't expect to happen. Our group counselor Brenda made sure the environment felt safe to vend in and offered different topics to work on while healing.I'm very grateful for the help I got.” -D.v.E.